This is a brief summary about my professional life. First of all, I graduated from "College des Saint Coeurs". Then, I got my BA in Business Administration at the American University of Beirut(AUB). After college, I studied aesthetics at "Institute Milo" in Sarba. Afterwards, I joined So.Co.Di.Le(one of the biggest societies in cosmetics and perfumes in Lebanon).I worked there as a national beautician consulting in both cosmetics and perfumes, and doing makeup all over Lebanon. Then, for one year I did beauty animation at the airport duty free in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, I was travelling to Paris doing makeup trainings with the best makeup artists working for Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, Helena Rubinestine, such as Frederic Cartier, Herves Bonneau, Cosmas Oun Garesos,etc. Also I did skin care trainings at "Jeanne Piaubert" institute, Carole Frank and Payot. After the great experience I got throughout the years, I launched the opening of my own private beauty center where you can enjoy a whole skin treatment, a professional makeup, a nail care, and an amusement shopping for all your needs in cosmetics and perfumes.
Later on,i got my diploma in Permanent Makeup (tatoo) from Germany and then my diploma in Anti-Aging practitioning from Monaco.

Finally, I try to stay updated with everything new by attending constantly lectures and seminars on subjects related to my field. Also I join yearly the International Beauty Conference that takes place in Paris and Miami,beside the International Anti-Aging World Congress in Monaco,Dubai and Singapore.